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D-Garage is an all-in garage system, which is easily configurable by the user.
You can easily make e.g. garages which are only accessible by gangs or jobs. 
With the compatible d-phone app, your players have the ability to remotely mage their vehicles. They can e.g. start or stop the engine, lock or unlock, ...

If you have any questions, feel free to ask 🙂 


  • Performant
  • Nearly everything is configurable
    • Your stored column name, state, ...
    • If you want that the player gehts warped in his vehicle
    • Unparkcooldown ( the amount if the player has to wait until he can either buy his vehicle free again or go to the tow yard
    • If you want a tow yard or not
    • If the player can buy his vehicle in his garage again
    • Which jobs can access the garage location and what kind of vehicle it shoud show
    • Blips,
    • type
    • and many more
  • Also works for boats, planes and helicopters
  • LegacyFuel support
  • Core Vehicle support
  • You can set your getSharedobjectevent
  • D-Phone App
    • See all vehicles and their status in one app
    • You can e.g. lock your vehicle, start the engine, open the doors
  • Support for any kinds of problems
  • Open HTML, CSS und Javascript ➝ This means you can edit the design as you want